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MultiPurchase contract

Make the best decisions for your business

What is a MultiPurchase contract?

With our MultiPurchase contract, you decide when to fix your energy price over a fixed period, to help your business take advantage of market conditions

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Benefits of our MultiPurchase contract

Increased flexibility

Choose when and how much of your energy price to fix so you can make the most of market conditions

Market knowledge

Our Market Trigger option will help you make informed decisions about pricing opportunities

Increased flexibility

Choose how you want to pay for third party costs

Your purchasing options

You can choose to fix your energy price either in periods or as a percentage of the energy you use, or you can choose a combination of both

Horizontal purchasing

Fix an initial percentage of your total energy price for the duration of your contract, then fix the rest when you want

Vertical purchasing

Fix in monthly, quarterly, seasonal or annual periods, in or out of sequence

Market Trigger

With our Market Trigger option, we’ll monitor the market so you don’t have to. We compare the market against the price trigger points set by you, then inform you if it moves above or below those points. You can then decide whether or not to fix

Your third party cost options

We offer you the option to choose how you want to pay for third party costs

Cost certainty

Agree your third party costs upfront*

Gives you choice

You select which third party costs to pass through

Pay at cost

Pass through all third party costs

* In some instances we may change non-energy costs agreed with you in our contract. For further information please see our Terms and Conditions.

All the tools to make an informed decision

We’ll provide you with all the support you need to make an informed decision about when to fix. You’ll receive ongoing assistance from your dedicated account manager

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Our team is focused on you

Our dedicated team will support your business, whatever your needs

Call us on 02476 424242

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