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E.ON Portfolio Solution

Track the market to better manage your energy

What is E.ON Portfolio Solution

 E.ON Portfolio Solution (EPS) helps customers manage their exposure to risk and take advantage of pricing based on the wholesale market


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Benefits of E.ON Portfolio Solution

Optimised energy procurement

Calculate the potential cost of your contract based on current wholesale prices at any point in time

Managed exposure

Remain aware of when prices move outside of your pre-defined boundaries

Managed risk

Assure stakeholders by providing a documented and measurable Risk Management framework

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Half hourly meters are mandatory for businesses with profiles 05-08, or Maximum Demand (MD) customers

We’ll install your half hourly meter at a time that works for you and with minimal disruption to your business. We’ll often fit your equipment for free, but in some cases, we may need to charge for work

To manage your meter, you’ll need to appoint a half hourly Meter Operator and Data Collector

Realated Half hourly metering solutions

Smart meters

Smart meters automatically submit your meter readings so you don’t have to

Get accurate bills

See our Smart meters Solution

Meter Operator and Data Collector

Install half hourly meters and record your consumption data for constant monitoring

Get accurate data

See our Meter Operator and Data Collector Solution