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Heat Pumps

Heat pump technology is a highly efficient way of reducing your heating and cooling costs, whilst also generating savings for your business. Heat pumps extract heat from a natural source like the ground, water or air and then store or distribute that heat as central heating, hot water and cooling

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Air source heat pumps

Use naturally occurring heat in the air to generate hot water and heating.

Lower your running costs

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Ground source heat pumps

Use naturally occurring heat from the ground for your hot water, heating and cooling.

Generate your own heat

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Case studies

Leading the UK in heating and hot water solutions

We installed HeatPlant, one of our Ground source heat pumps (GSHP), in Lightbourne Heath, Warwickshire. As a result, we are the UK’s first energy supplier to provide free installation of GSHP, central heating and hot water systems for customers on state benefits living in coal-heated properties.

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