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Solar PV

Solar power consumption is steadily on the increase

The future is bright

Solar is energy from the sun, which can be captured by thermal or photovoltaic (PV) panels to create heat or electricity. This electrical energy can be used directly to power equipment or to recharge batteries. Solar panels are ideal for businesses with large roof space in sunny locations, but they even work on cloudy days, so are becoming increasingly popular in the UK

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Benefits of Solar (PV)

Be self-sufficient

On-site energy generation and immediate power for a lifespan of up to 30 years

Hit CSR targets

Become a truly green and sustainable organisation

Save energy costs

Lower demand during peak times reduces peak costs

Solar for towns and cities

Installing solar panels to homes as part of large scale energy infrastructures can lower residents’ energy bills, make communities more sustainable and contribute to renewable energy generation


Get set up with solar

Our specialist design and engineering experience can take your specific solar solution from design to build, to project managing its operation and maintenance. We can combine new solar photovoltaic systems with existing generation systems for fully integrated solutions

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Case studies

“We wanted to save energy and become as sustainable as possible, and that’s what E.ON has helped us achieve. They’ve been our energy provider from day one and now they’re a huge part of our ongoing drive for ever-greater sustainability”

Finance Director at The ACC Liverpool Group

How we helped The ACC Liverpool Group save £20,000 a year

We installed nearly 1,000 solar panels to help The ACC Liverpool Group save £20,000 off their energy bills and to lower their carbon emissions every year for the next 20 years. The renewable energy produced will provide power across three venues as part of our sustainable and tailored solar solution

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Thought leadership

Europe’s smartest island uses solar energy to be fully renewable

Pellworm in Germany is leading the way in renewable technology and sustainability. With E.ON’s Smart Region Pellworm Initiative, the island generates all of its own energy using a mixture of solar and wind sources

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Related solutions

Battery storage

Store excess energy on-site for a back-up energy supply

Avoid peak charges

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Use renewable biomass fuel to generate energy with a biomass plant.

Lower carbon emissions

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Integrated solutions tailored to you

Call us to discuss your energy requirements and find out how you can become more energy efficient

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