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  • Fixed prices and more...

    "With so much to do in the office, we need energy that's hassle free, as well as the best possible deal"

    Around 200,000 of our SME customers renew to a fixed price plan for their energy every year, giving them reassurance that their unit rates won’t change during the agreed term.


    Here's some reasons why SME customer are joining E.ON, and it's not just about the cheapest price...

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  • Renewing is easy

    "Towards the end of my fixed plan, E.ON contacted me to discuss my renewal"

    We'll contact you at the start of your ‘renewal window’. Some energy suppliers will automatically roll you onto a new fixed price plan unless you ask them not to, but we won't, and we'll do the right thing by letting you know you're coming to the end of your fixed plan. We'll also:


    Remind you about key dates - so you don’t miss the opportunity to renew your plan.

     Send you a clear renewal letter which will include your current consumption and unit rates to make it easier for you to compare offers

    Give you flexibility – so you don’t miss out if you miss your renewal window and still want a new fixed price plan.

  • Accessing your account and some extra tools

    "I can see my energy usage online and give meter readings on my smartphone, which means I don't have to pick up the landline"

    No more waiting on the phone to give a reading, you can login to your account on your PC or via the E.ON app. It's great to make things easier, which is why you can do everything on the go, using smartphone or tablet, saving you time, and letting you get back to your business. 


    We've also a range of free energy management tools to help you understand your energy use and identify where you could save money - including our online Energy Toolkit, energy saving advice from independent experts and a wireless electricity monitor

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