It's time to clear the air

Our mission for clean air

Towns and cities across the UK are suffering from illegal levels of air pollution. We think it’s time to do something about it.  

In addition to providing all of our customers homes with 100% renewable electricity1 we also offer solar products that allow you to generate and store energy. Plus, we’re installing more ultra-fast electric vehicle chargers in homes, businesses and on the road to support the growing number of electric vehicles in the UK.

'Climate change and air pollution are two of the biggest challenges facing the world today.'

Michael Lewis, E.ON UK Chief Executive

How bad is the air pollution you're breathing today?

1 in 20 deaths in the UK each year can be attributed to air pollution2, so we're using our commitment to a clean air future to raise awareness of the issue.

We took our 16ft installation 'LUNGS' to the heart of London and Nottingham, to highlight the impact of air pollution in our day to day lives.

How we're helping to clear the air

In the UK we face a number of challenges from inefficient heating to electricity emissions, we're bringing you energy solutions to move to a more environmentally friendly future. Like our network of electric vehicle charging points, smarter homes and electricity from natural sources like the sun.

Power more sustainably

Our customers' homes get electricity backed by 100% renewable sources and we offer cleaner energy solutions such as solar and heat pumps for our customers’ homes and businesses.

Electric vehicle charging

Whether you’re at home, in the workplace or on the road we're helping to get more clean electric vehicles on UK roads with our E.ON charging points.

How your business can help clean the air

How businesses operate has a key role to play in determining the quality of air that we breathe. It's time to take action, here are the solutions we offer that could help reduce pollution.


1Electricity sourced from E.ON’s renewable generation assets, supply agreements with independent UK wind generators and the purchase of renewable electricity certificates. The electricity supplied to your homes comes from the National Grid. Find out more at

2 Every breath we take: the lifelong impact of air pollution', Royal College of Physicians, February 2016, 'Action on air pollution works but far more is needed, study shows', The Guardian, 26/06/2019