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Energy solutions tailored to your business

Save money and become more energy efficient with solutions tailored to you. We can manage your existing assets or install new energy-saving technology.

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Electric vehicle charging

Get your business ready for the future with our innovative charging facilities. Or get ahead of the competition with our e-mobility solutions for cities.

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Solar and power plants

Harness the power of renewable energy with our solar panels and battery storage. Reduce your dependency on the grid with our on-site generation solutions including CHP and biomass plants.

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Lighting, boilers and meters

Energy efficiency isn’t all about the big changes. Our smart meters, boilers and lighting solutions are all easy fixes to make to your existing infrastructure to help you reduce consumption.

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Operations and maintenance

If you’re looking to better manage your existing assets, we offer operations and maintenance services for power plants and data collection.

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Gas and electricity

Secure and manage your energy supply with our advice and consultancy services. We offer wholesale purchasing advice, flexible energy contracts and real-time energy trading.

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Energy management

Our demand side response, virtual power plant, building energy management systems and energy efficiency consultancy will all help you better your energy usage and make the most of your existing energy systems.

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District heating

Connect to a district heating network to lower carbon emissions and reduce maintenance costs.

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Infrastructure and connections

Improve your infrastructure by connecting to local power networks with our connection solutions.

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Our customers say...

“E.ON have been incredibly helpful and thorough when giving us the information to help make informed decisions.”

Rachel Boland, Engine

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Thoughts and insights

The smart systems that are saving businesses energy

Did you know you can use your CHP plant to heat a swimming pool or for your lighting? We spoke to The Telegraph about the potential for using your waste heat and making the most of energy generation.

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How to profit from your existing energy infrastructure

Find out how your business can make the most of demand side response and benefit from increased flexibility and control over your energy supply.

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