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We're more than just an energy supplier.

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Our experts have been helping businesses for more than 15 

years. We can work with you to help reduce your energy use 

and improve your bottom line, increasing your competitive 

advantage in the market place.

Embracing energy efficiency can help businesses cut their energy costs by up to 40%.

Our tailored solutions can target up to 95% of your building's energy consumption.

We've helped businesses reduce their carbon emissions by an average of 30%.

We've been working with a UK market-leading

retailer for more than 10 years. Our energy

efficiency measures, tailored to each store, 

have helped them avoid substantial energy

costs and reduce carbon emission. On average,

our capital investment projects have delivered 

an ROI between 25% and 40%. 

The impact of energy efficiency on your bottom line

Energy is often one of the biggest overheads for businesses, yet nearly half of senior managers have no idea what their company spends on it. If you don’t know how much you’re spending, you don’t know how much you could be saving. Download our report to find out more.  

CHP provides businesses with immediate savings of up to 20%, decreases carbon emissions and increases efficiency and flexibility in their energy demand. It captures the heat produced by electricity generation and uses it for heating, hot water and even cooling.

We're the largest supplier of Demand Side Response to UK businesses, helping them reduce their energy costs and earn money from the grid by optimising spare capacity.

We design, build and install bespoke Building Energy Management Systems that use tailored technology and techniques to give businesses full control of how they use energy. 

5 steps to getting energy into your business strategy

There can be real benefits to thinking strategically about energy efficiency in your business. But where do you start? We talk through the steps you can take to become an energy efficient business, and what you might gain.

Welcome to a smarter energy age

There's a clear business case for energy efficiency. And with nations committed to reducing their carbon footprints, the world has to change to a smarter energy age.

Take a look at our video developed with The Financial Times to find out more.

More energy efficient solutions

We offer a broad range of energy solutions that can help your business profit from efficiency.

We have 20 offices managing over 

32,000 sites for customers across