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  • ACC concourse - E.ON

    Using solar

    We helped The ACC Liverpool Group generate its own renewable energy by installing 925 solar photovoltaic panels on its exhibition centre. This saves around £20,000 in energy costs and will lower its carbon emissions by up to 130 tonnes every year, for the next 20 years.

  • Conference center ACC - E.ON

    Being sustainable

    With our help, The ACC Liverpool Group has become one of the most sustainable venues of its kind, by significantly improving its environmental credentials.

  • E.ON desk at ACC - E.ON

    Total package

    We have a long-standing relationship with The ACC Liverpool Group which has helped us drive technological change to increase efficiency.

  • ACC Liverpool building - E.ON

    Solutions for Large Energy Users

    We have a wide range of energy efficient solutions for large businesses from an Energy Toolkit to a complete consultation and installation service. 

  • Shop owner leaning against fridge doors in shop - E.ON

    Solutions for SMEs

    We can help you understand where you could make significant savings, from monitoring your energy through our Energy Toolkit to new lighting ideas that dramatically increase efficiency.

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