E.ON is working with Notting Hill housing association and Countryside Properties to help deliver a low carbon community of 335 new build homes being developed as part of the regeneration of Barham Park estate in Sudbury, London Borough of Brent.
An Energy Services Company (ESCO) commercial agreement has been signed, which will see E.ON manage and maintain the energy supply for the new homes currently under construction. E.ON will deliver heating and hot water through a community energy centre and district heating network, removing the reliance on individual gas boilers within each property.
Residents of the redeveloped Barham Park estate can expect year on year energy savings, whilst carbon emissions are expected to be reduced by approximately 25%1, compared to traditional gas heating.

The project

  • Carbon emissions reduced by up to 25%1
  • Residents make savings on their energy bills
  • No gas boiler means there’s no boiler maintenance or replacement costs and more cupboard space in each home
  • Hot water on demand
  • Emergency call-out service and helpline for customers
  • Remote reading of heat meters enables accurate billing
“Working with E.ON on the Barham Park redevelopment is a key step in our efforts towards creating a more sustainable future for local people.”

Rosemary Houseman

Head of Regeneration

Notting Hill Housing Association

1 The homes at Barham Park will have carbon reductions of up to 25% in order to achieve Level 3 of the Code for Sustainable Homes (CfSH) against Part L1A Building Regulations 2006, for phase 1, and 44% (CfSH Level 4) for phases 2 and 3.