E.ON is working with FairView New Homes to save up to 44% in CO2



E.ON is working with Fairview New Homes to deliver low carbon energy to 1,067 homes, 300 bed hotel, commercial units and various leisure facilities, at Colindale, London, as part of a major redevelopment project.

Under an Energy Services Company (ESCo) agreement, E.ON will design, build, operate and maintain a decentralised energy centre.
The first phase of the project, involves the construction of 726 new homes and an onsite energy centre. Once completed in 2014, the apartments will achieve a Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH) rating level three with a 25%1 CO2 saving, while the houses built to CSH rating level four will achieve a 44%1 saving. Furthermore, residents will have the opportunity to save money on their energy bills.

The project

  • 25%1 and 44% CO2 saving1
  • Residents make savings on their energy bills
  • No gas boiler means there’s no boiler maintenance or replacement costs and more cupboard space in each home
  • Hot water on demand
  • Emergency call-out service and helpline for customers
  • Remote reading of heat meters enables accurate billing

Kirk Archibald, Head Of Sustainability at Fairview New Homes said:

“The development at Colindale is a good example of a community energy scheme and we are pleased to be working with E.ON’s Sustainable Energy business to create a development of low carbon homes.”

1All apartments will reduce their carbon emissions by a minimum of 25% to achieve the Code for Sustainable Homes level 3, and all houses will reduce their emissions by at least 44% to achieve CSH level 4. The total cost of heating a home will be comparable to a new home built to minimum standards and heated by gas.
The entire development project is expected to be finished by 2018. What’s more, 30% of the development will be made up of social housing.