Dalston Square


ESCo means average hot water and heating saving of 23%1 for Dalston Square residents

One of a number of recent large-scale energy projects is the management of a decentralised energy centre at Dalston Square in East London through an ESCo. 

Serving 553 residential units over 5 blocks with retail units and a public library, the energy centre is powered by gas-fired combined heat and power units (CHPs) and gas/biomass boilers.

Having a local, decentralised energy centre at Dalston Square means that each of the residential units can enjoy an average saving of around 23%1 on the costs of heating and hot water compared with traditional homes. Carbon emissions at Dalston Square are estimated to be up to 25%2 lower than if they were served from the National Grid or by oil-fired systems.

The development included:

  • 5 development blocks
  • 553 residential units
  • Retail units and a library
  • Heat and power from gas-fired CHP and gas/biomass boilers
  • Private wire to library Public wire to residential 


1. Based on industry average gas consumption of 16,500kWh/annum for an average dwelling site of 100m2 with traditional heating costs based upon an average gas consumption 205kWh/m2. Costs for boiler maintenance and future boiler replacement have been included (£256/annum based on a boiler maintenance fee of £13/month and a boiler replacement cost of £100/annum on a £1500 boiler replaced around every 15 years. Heat requirements for properties at Dalston Square have been derived from a reasonable estimate of consumption for new build properties of this build quality and type over a 12 month period. Consumption per house varies on size of house, number of people, number and type of appliances, age and type of property, location, aspect, behaviour, demographics etc.

2. Carbon savings based on Code for Sustainable Homes Level 3.