ESCo Solutions

An Energy Service Company (ESCo) is a commercial structure created specifically to produce, supply and manage the local delivery of decentralised energy to a ‘whole site’ development. For example, an ESCo can be formed to support a regeneration area, a large residential development, a single commercial initiative such as an office or manufacturing plant, or a hospital or multi-unit development of commercial offices or retail outlets. High initial capital costs can be seen as an obstacle to the provision of decentralised energy. 

ESCos allow you to take a long term view towards attractive energy prices, security of supply and compliance with ever strengthening carbon regulations. The ESCo can invest capital into the scheme and assume responsibility for design and build right through to operation, maintenance, billing and delivery of customer care. You now have a community based, secure and environmentally friendlier energy solution with any excess power generated by the energy centre exported and sold to the market. This reduces the overall cost of energy supplied to you or the occupiers of your particular development. 

Sustainable Energy offers an ESCo package that not only provides a high quality service to your customers but also provides you with our expertise in billing and managing large volumes of customers.


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