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District heating delivery

Creating a sustainable future for everyone

High quality and reliable networks

We offer design, build and installation services for community energy and district heating schemes. Whether you’re growing an existing network or starting from scratch, we can provide your customers with alternative and brand-new heating and hot water options.

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Benefits of our district heating delivery

Risk management

Our planning and commercial risk management expertise allows for the development of complex schemes.

Low-carbon future

We can help you build a low-carbon community to guarantee a more sustainable future.

Flexible solutions

We have a range of solutions to solve both common and complex construction challenges.


We work with developers and local authorities right from the early stages to deliver a bespoke process. Whether your scheme is part of regional development plans, future smart city strategies or local energy networks, our experts will provide you with an overview of what to expect from the process.


After extensive planning, we deliver detailed construction and commercial analysis throughout your project. We’ll construct the primary network of underground pipes that facilitate the exchange of pressurised hot water.

Risk management

Our team has experience managing and delivering some of the most complex and risky projects in the UK. We’ll continually analyse and manage your risk whilst taking into consideration the entire life-cycle of the project, from concept to construction.

We care about your customers

We design systems which will provide the most reliable service to your end user. Our team has delivered a commercially successful and award-winning portfolio of schemes, ranging from city centre projects to new residential developments.

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Case studies

“We are pleased to be working with E.ON’s Sustainable Energy business to create a development of low carbon homes”

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District heating operation and maintenance

Manage and monitor supply from our central control room.

Regular delivery across your network

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District heating billing

Receive funding for part or all of the costs of your district heating scheme.

High quality expertise

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Our solutions are fit for now and for the future

Call us to discuss your energy requirements and find out how you can become more energy efficient.

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