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BEMS Design and install

Year on year reduction in energy costs and carbon

What is bems design and install?

Your building energy management system (BeMS) has an average life of seven to ten years after which time the risk of failure and lack of support for obsolete installed controls increases. Reduce your energy use and operating costs by upgrading and optimizing outdated or inefficient controls.

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Benefits of bems design and install

Cutting edge technology

We can design and implement a tailored upgrade solution using the latest products.

No upfront costs

Fixed quarterly payments over three years with warranty and service package.

Adhere to guidelines

Make sure you comply with EU Directives and Building Regulations.

Bespoke solutions to help you generate significant ROI

If your BeMS has been installed for more than seven years we recommend an inspection to check it is operating efficiently and that the controls are set up to meet the changing operational needs of your building.

Depending on the issues identified, we can design and install an upgrade solution that suits your business. Our contract includes a three-year warranty and servicing package, so you can be sure that your BeMS will be maintained and working as efficiently as possible to help you take advantage of business benefits for the full length of your contract.

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Better control over new and existing technology

We’re working with Nottingham University Hospitals Trust through an Energy Performance Contract to introduce a range of energy efficiency measures to ensure huge energy reductions. This includes upgrading the site’s BeMS to help them improve their control over new and existing technology.

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Related bems design and install solutions

Demand side response

Balance demand and identify sources of flexibility for financial benefits.

Flex your energy consumption

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BeMS operations and maintenance

Manage your energy systems so you can keep reducing energy costs and emissions whilst also maintaining building comfort levels.

Year-round energy efficiency

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Tailored systems working for your business

We have one of the largest Energy Management Centres in the UK, providing 24/7 remote support for your BeMS, 365 days a year. Find out how we can tailor the right solution for your business.

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