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Data visualisation

Gain valuable insight into your energy use

Understand your energy with our online platform, providing you with a clear picture of how much energy your organisation uses.

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Benefits of data visualisation

Visualise your data

Receive clear reports summarising your data to help you measure, monitor and analyse your energy.

Become more energy efficient

Use your data to track your energy consumption and optimise your energy use.

Instant analysis

Get an accurate view of how energy is used across your sites.

How data visualisation works

Track how you use energy

See how much energy you’re using across multiple sites with clear graphs and pictorial displays. Easily identify any spikes or anomalies in your energy use through daily, weekly or monthly overviews.

Stay up to date with alerts

Get notifications when your energy levels have hit a certain point on a particular day. Set up multiple alerts to monitor your meters across sites.

Generate reports on demand

Set up custom reports for different sites in three simple step, using our unique tool.

Stay flexible in the rapidly changing energy markets

Our software offers different levels of service so you can choose the package that works for your business, giving you the choice and flexibility you need.

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Meter operations

Our meter operations service covers the provision, operation and maintenance of your metering equipment.

Flexible service plans

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Data collection and aggregation

Our service provides data collection, validation and provision for billing. Our data visualisation tools also help with your organisation’s energy management.

Get accurate data

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20 years of energy management experience

We’ve been operating and managing a broad portfolio of sites in the UK for over 20 years, giving us the knowledge and experience to help your business.

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