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Energy consultancy

Get the energy advice you need

Our extensive energy expertise gives you the advice you need to help make the most of your energy assets. We’ll help you track the energy market to know when’s right to buy with our Wholesale Purchasing Advice. We can help you reduce your energy usage and maximise your efficiency with our energy efficiency consultancy.

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E.ON Portfolio Solution

Track the energy market to make the most of purchasing.

Manage exposure to risk

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Energy efficiency consultancy

Identify your energy saving potential and increase efficiency.

Reduce your energy usage

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Reducing carbon emission one building at a time

We’ve guaranteed energy savings of £50,000 per year for Newham University Hospital. Our six year EPC is designed to improve efficiency by updating technology such as air handling units.

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An extensive energy solution portfolio

With our energy efficiency expertise and experience, we can look after your energy as a fully managed, end-to-end service.

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