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Energy efficiency consultancy

Save an average of 20-40% of your energy costs

What is energy efficiency consultancy?

We’ll work with you to reduce your carbon footprint and energy costs, and help make the most of your energy efficiency. Whether that’s advice on how to optimise your existing assets or how you can benefit from new, integrated solutions, our energy consultancy is the first step in the right direction.

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Benefits of energy efficiency consultancy

Lower carbon emissions

Meet environmental targets for cooperate savings.

Reduce your energy use and costs

Maximise your efficiency by reducing energy use and avoiding energy waste.

Guaranteed savings

Save on your energy costs and get transparency on your ROI and payback period.

Our complete energy efficiency portfolio

We deliver a range of solutions to lower your energy and reduce your operation and maintenance costs.

Surveying and measurement

Our independent experts conduct a survey of your existing buildings to find the best solutions to reduce your carbon footprint.


We have a number of funding options ranging from a long-term Energy Service Company (ESCo) to help fund decentralised energy schemes, to Feed-in Tariffs and smaller financing grants and schemes.


We design, install and commission energy solutions to guarantee energy and cost savings for your business. We build everything from smaller-scale solutions such as solar panels and ground source heat pumps, to large-scale CHP.


Our maintenance agreements maximise the effectiveness of your energy solutions. All our maintenance staff are trained to the highest standards and approved by the equipment manufacturers.


We provide long term operational support with contracts such as ESCos and EPCs. We also design BEMS to help you monitor in real time your own energy consumption.

Identify your energy saving potential

We create long-term, sustainable energy partnerships. We look after your energy as a fully managed, end to end service, delivering solutions to lower your energy, operating and maintenance costs.

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We’re reducing carbon emissions by 38%

We’re working with Nottingham University Hospitals Trust through an Energy Performance Contract to introduce a range of energy efficiency measures to ensure huge energy reductions for the Queen’s Medical Centre. Measures such as installing LED lighting, upgrading the site’s BEMS and improving insulation are helping them reduce their carbon emissions by 16,000 tonnes.

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UK manufacturers: time to start taking energy consumption seriously

The typical energy costs of energy-intensive manufacturing businesses can amount to 20% of operating costs. The challenge for manufacturers comes at a large cost of investment – but with a large potential return. And there are plenty of ways to manage your resources more effectively.

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Building Energy Management Systems

Control the energy consumption of your building’s electrical systems.

Identify energy saving opportunities

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Demand side response

Balance demand and identify sources of flexibility for financial benefits.

Flex your energy consumption

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Our integrated approach is designed to maximise efficiency

Find out how our energy expertise can help your business improve its energy efficiency.

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