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E.ON Portfolio Solution

Track the market to better manage your energy

What is E.ON Portfolio Solution?

E.ON Portfolio Solution (EPS) helps customers manage their exposure to risk and take advantage of pricing based on the wholesale market.

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Benefits of EPS

Optimised energy procurement

Calculate the potential cost of your contract based on current wholesale prices at any point in time.

Managed exposure

Remain aware of when prices move outside of your pre-defined boundaries.

Managed risk

Assure stakeholders by providing a documented and measurable Risk Management framework.

How our E.ON Portfolio Solution works

Depending on your business size, we have an E.ON Portfolio Solution that can work for you.

1. For businesses with large energy consumption, we offer a bespoke service, providing you with a Portfolio Manager from the very start to constantly monitor prices in the wholesale market and identify strategies and opportunities.

2. For businesses with a smaller energy consumption, we can give you access to a variable energy contract, with the benefit of a fully risk-managed service via our Energy Fund product.

A solution tailored to you

If you are on a Fixed Energy contract, MultiPurchase or Flexible energy contract, you can take advantage of a number of services, including:

- Position reports and Live price monitoring

- Market Intelligence reports with a forward view of expected price movements

- Risk management workshops and expert portfolio advice

- Price fixing services

Helping to avoid peak energy periods and third-party costs

One of the UK’s largest saw milling businesses uses our EPS for dedicated risk management expertise. That way they know when to buy, what they’re getting and how much it will cost to purchase based on the Wholesale Energy Market. We’ve helped them optimise their energy consumption and benefit from the associated cost saving opportunities.

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Energy efficiency consultancy

Identify your energy saving potential and increase efficiency.

Reduce your energy usage

See our energy efficiency consultancy solution

A service tailored to you

With our energy efficiency expertise and experience, we can look after your energy as a fully managed, end to end service.

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