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Flexible usage and storage

Flexible usage and storage

Optimise your on-site energy usage

We have the tools to help you better manage your on-site energy usage. Flex the times your business consumes energy with our battery storage or DSR service and we’ll help you profit from your flexibility. You can make savings by avoiding peak costs or generate income by balancing the grid.

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Demand side response

Balance demand and identify sources of flexibility for financial benefits.

Flex your energy consumption

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Battery storage

Store any excess energy you produce on-site for a back-up energy supply.

Avoid peak charges

See battery storage solution

How to empower your business by investing in energy storage technology

Whether you’re making savings by using stored energy during times of peak demand or generating income by helping balance the grid, we weigh up the benefits of energy storage for businesses.

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Find out how your business can stay flexible in the rapidly changing energy markets.

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