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Demand Side Response

Making your energy flexible

What is demand side response?

Demand side response (DSR) is a smart way of using energy. It helps your organisation flex the times you use energy to lower your costs and even make a profit. Whether you generate your own energy or have controllable loads, by connecting to our DSR system you can identify sources of flexibility in your existing energy assets.

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Benefits of DSR

Avoid peak charges

Make cost savings by flexing the times your organisation consumes energy.

Generate income

Earn money with your installed generation capacities.

Boost your CSR

Secure the UK’s energy supply by integrating renewable resources into the grid.

How our demand side response system works

Manage your flexibility

We can connect any of your flexible assets to our virtual power plant. Through this platform our experts can keep track of your flexibility 24/7, so you’ll always be in control.

Generate income

We'll help your organisation generate profit by selling your spare capacity to the grid during times of high demand, or by reducing your on-site demand during peak periods.

Monitor anywhere

You can keep track of what’s happening at any time with our app and customer portal.

Your existing energy assets

Your organisation is eligible for DSR whether you generate your own energy or not. Your flexible energy assets might include anything from on-site generation and battery storage to refrigeration, lighting and renewables.

DSR for cities

We also offer our Demand Side Response services to municipals and cities. Call us on 0330 400 1161 to discuss how we can adapt our solution to meet your needs.

Meet our specialist connecting energies team

Our team of experts will connect you to our network – with no disruption to your core business - to help you find sources of flexibility in your on-site generation and storage. All taken care of by our remote 24/7 control.

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Control the energy consumption of your building’s electrical systems.

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Combined heat and power


CHP can provide a significant proportion of your electricity and heating demands.

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Integrated solutions tailored to you

We designed our own VPP system and deliver our DSR services in-house, making our system flexible and adaptable to your specific needs.

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