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Gas and electricity

Our gas and electricity products offer you options on managing your energy. They can help protect you from changes in market prices, manage your exposure to risk and help your business become more sustainable.

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Sustainable savings

We can help you turn your energy into profits. Our gas and electricity products can meet your specific business needs to help you better understand the energy market and make decisions on your energy spend

Fixed energy contract

Protect your business from rising wholesale costs by fixing your energy price. It’s a simple and straightforward way of securing your energy for the duration of your contract.

Get a fixed energy price

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Multipurchase contract

With our multipurchase contracts, you decide when to fix your energy price over a fixed period. Our experts will help you take advantage of favourable market conditions to get the flexibility your business needs.

Make the most of market conditions

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Flexible energy contract

Ideal for large energy users, our flexible energy contract gives you full control over the way you fix and unfix energy for up to five years, helping you manage your contract prices and make the most of market conditions.

Gain control of your energy

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Renewable energy

Meet your CSR goals and demonstrate your commitment to renewable energy by choosing one of our REGO-backed solutions. We’ll match your estimated consumption with 100% renewable electricity to help you hit your low carbon targets.

Meet low carbon targets

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Risk management

We offer a range of solutions that will help your business manage its exposure to risk and help you make smarter business decisions. Track the energy market to know when’s right to buy and take full advantage with minimal fuss.

Understand the energy market

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Whether your business requires a Smart Meter or Half Hourly Meter, our tailored meter solutions will do the hard work for you, providing automatic readings and more accurate information about your energy use.

Track your usage

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Over 50 years of energy efficiency

We have a range of products, so we'll help you find a product strategy that's tailored to your needs.

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