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Half hourly meters

Take control of your energy use

What are smart meters?

 All businesses will have smart meters fitted before 2020, but you could get yours installed today. It means that instead of having to take your meter readings yourself, smart meters automatically submit them each month – wirelessly and free of charge.

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Benefits of our half hourly meters

Optimise your energy efficiency

Use our online Energy Toolkit to get a clear picture of how much energy you use.

Flexible offer and pricing

You don’t have to be an E.ON customer to use our meter services.

Get accurate bills

Regular meter readings mean your suppliers can bill you accurately.

Get set up

- Half hourly meters are mandatory for businesses with profiles 05-08, or maximum demand (MD) customers.

- We’ll install your half hourly meter at a time that works for you and with minimal disruption to your business. We’ll often fit your equipment for free, but in some cases, we may need to charge for work.

- To manage your meter, you’ll need to appoint a half hourly Meter Operator and Data Collector.

Experts you can count on

We’re fully accredited for Meter Operation and Data Collection. We currently manage and maintain over 20,000 half hourly meters and collect data for over 15,000 half hourly meters in the UK.

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Realated Half hourly metering solutions

Smart meters

Smart meters automatically submit your meter readings so you don’t have to.

Get accurate bills

See our smart meters solution

Data solutions

Data solutions bring together all our metering related activities to give your business a clearer picture of your energy consumption.

A better understanding of your energy

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Integrated solutions tailored to you

Call us to discuss your energy requirements and find out how you can become more energy efficient.

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