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Renewable energy

Get your electricity from a zero carbon UK renewable source

Guaranteed renewable energy with REGO

REGO (Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin) certifies that your electricity has come from a UK renewable source. By choosing a REGO-backed supply for your business, we’ll match your estimated consumption with 100% renewable electricity to help you meet your low carbon targets.

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Benefits of our REGO-backed supply

Meet CSR targets

Demonstrate how your business is managing its climate risks.

Guaranteed source

Our REGO-backed supply is from solely UK renewable generation sources.

Demonstrate customer commitments

Match consumer demand for lower-carbon products.

How does it work

Choose your renewable product 

 We offer two different REGO-backed products:

- Our standard REGO supply guarantees electricity is from renewable sources such as wind, solar and biomass.

- Our REGO wind-backed supply guarantees your electricity supply is carbon neutral, greatly improving your carbon reporting.

Demonstrate your commitment to managing your climate risks

Once you’ve chosen one of our REGO-backed products, you’ll receive a certificate as proof of purchase of renewable sourced electricity.

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An energy commitment built to last

What is a REGO-backed supply and how is it changing the world of business.

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Multipurchase contract

With our multipurchase contracts, you decide when to fix your energy price over a fixed period. Our experts will help you take advantage of favourable market conditions to get the flexibility your business needs.

Make the most of market conditions

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Fixed energy contract

Protect your business from rising wholesale costs by fixing your energy price. It’s a simple and straightforward way of securing your energy for the duration of your contract.

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Integrated solutions tailored to you

Call us to discuss your energy requirements and find out how you can become more energy efficient

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