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Energy Fund

Take advantage of the energy market with minimal fuss

What is Energy Fund?

Our Energy Fund allows businesses to benefit from products and expertise usually only available to high volume energy users

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Benefits of our Energy Fund

Save on resource

Cut time and resource as we track energy market prices for you

Peace of mind Manage

risk and uncertainty by leaving energy pricing in the hands of our market specialists

Budget with confidence

The fund’s strategy means your budgets are less likely to be affected by volatile wholesale markets

How it works

You’ll be grouped together with other like-minded businesses so your energy can be purchased collectively in larger volumes.

Our EPS experts will define your strategy and carry out all energy purchasing on behalf of the fund. They’ll then manage your portfolio, providing you with clear, transparent portfolio reports setting out the energy prices EPS has achieved for you.

Choosing a service that suits you

You can choose between an annual or quarterly fund depending on whether you’re looking for budget certainty or flexibility to benefit from market price movements Our annual fund gives you a budget rate ahead of the year of delivery, as all energy purchasing is completed in advance Our quarterly fund provides more flexibility by enabling energy purchasing to be made throughout the lifetime of the contract. This allows you to benefit from movements in the market on a quarterly basis.

Industry-leading expertise at your fingertips

Our specialists will work with you to optimise your energy efficiency and help you make smarter business decisions.

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E.ON Portfolio Solution

Track the energy market to know when’s right to fix.

Optimise energy procurement

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Flexible energy contract

Flexible energy contract Take advantage of wholesale market conditions for greater control over fixing and unfixing your energy price.

Live market prices

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A service tailored to you

With our energy efficiency expertise and experience, we can look after your energy as a fully managed, end-to-end service.

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