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Energy efficiency for education

From nurseries to primary and secondary schools to universities and colleges, we understand your unique needs and can help make your energy work better for you.
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Together we can meet your energy targets so you can focus on maintaining teaching standards, by:

• Installing the appropriate equipment to OFSTED standards, keeping your students safe and your buildings secure.

• Guaranteeing your supply so you don’t need to shut establishments or adjust teaching schedules.

• Internally measuring where your energy is going for a more efficient use of resources, helping you control costs, optimise profits and obtain funding.

Building energy Management Systems

Manage your energy assets such as heating and lighting with our state-of-the-art BeMS. Identify inefficient systems to reduce your consumption, costs and energy waste – therefore helping to improve your overall energy performance.

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Combined heat and power

Combined heat and power (CHP) captures and uses wasted heat to boost your energy efficiency. For businesses of all sizes, CHP can offer a significant opportunity to reduce energy costs, lower carbon emissions and deliver operational benefits.

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District heating delivery

We offer design, build and installation services for community energy and district heating schemes, to help you build a low-carbon community and guarantee a more sustainable future.

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Thoughts and insights

How to cut your energy costs if you have an old building

Buildings in the education sector are often old and therefore energy inefficient. We partnered with The Telegraph to help you identify the areas where you can make quick and long-term cost savings.

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How much does it cost to keep your computer online?

We’re consuming more energy than ever before – so now seems like a good time to ask, what’s your IT system costing you? And can you save money on it?

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