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Energy efficiency for hospitality and leisure

Explore tailored energy solutions for private, public and council-owned spaced including gyms and leisure centres, hotels, event spaces and restaurants.
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A leading leisure and healthcare company saves over £650,000 a year using wasted energy to heat their swimming pools.

Meet your sustainability targets and show you’re committed to your customers’ comfort by:

• Managing your building's environment through automated controls.

• Choosing the right financial solution to help your business work around tight budgets.

• Staying in control of your operational costs.

Success stories


ACC Liverpool wanted to save energy and become a truly sustainable venue to demonstrate their commitment to the environment, clients and visitors.


We installed 925 solar PV panels with the capacity to generate around 250,000 kWh of renewable electricity per year.


Our solution will save ACC Liverpool £20,000 off their energy bills and will lower their carbon footprint by 130 tonnes for at least the next 20 years.

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Building energy Management Systems

If your building has any outdated or inefficient systems, you can use our BeMS to identify where you can make a change to improve your overall energy performance. You can manage energy assets such as heating and lighting to reduce your energy waste.

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Combined heat and power

Use your building’s wasted heat to save on your energy costs by installing a combined heat and power (CHP) unit. You’ll produce electricity while making the most of the excess heat to provide space heating and hot water.

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Create a comfortable environment for your guests and occupants through our advanced lighting technology and controls. You can reduce your energy consumption with our LED lighting solutions.

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Solar PV

For large or multi-site locations, you can have our solar solutions installed to become less reliant on the grid. We’ll help you meet your CSR targets and save on energy costs by generating energy on-site.

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Our customers say...

“E.ON’s expertise and insight have helped us cut our energy costs and improve our environmental credentials significantly, by managing our energy consumption in a smarter way and installing a wide range of energy efficiency measures.”

Gerald Andrews, Director of Finance and Administration, ACC Liverpool

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Thoughts and insights

The easy way to get more control over your energy use

The best way to improve your business’ energy efficiency is to understand how your organisation uses power. With building energy management systems (BeMS), you can better control your energy and ensure the comfort of your customers.

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What can hotels do to become more sustainable?

We partnered with The Telegraph to uncover our findings on what your guests think about sustainability and energy. For savvy businesses, there’s an opportunity to meet your green credentials whilst also attracting new customers.

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