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Energy efficiency for manufacturing

 Whether you operate in plastics and rubber, chemical and pharmaceutical, machinery and automotive or food production, find a solution to help make the most of your energy.

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Reduce your power consumption and enjoy overall savings of up to £600,000 per annum on energy and maintenance costs.

Make sure your environment is safe and optimised for production with:

• Resilience against power cuts so you won’t lose out on production. And you can earn revenue by selling excess energy back to the grid.

• Equipment that is optimised for efficiency, saving you money by reducing your energy consumption.

• A safe and comfortable working environment to increase productivity and employee satisfaction.

Success stories

Russell Roof Tiles, a huge British supplier of concrete tiles, used E.ON’s combined heat and power solution to save £72,000 in one year and enhance their green credentials. Find out how by watching our film.

Combined heat and power

Our combined heat and power (CHP) units let your business use the heat generated when producing electricity to heat water and provide space heating too.

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Battery storage

Protect your production from power cuts by adding battery storage to your solar photo-voltaic system. By storing any excess energy produced on-site, you can rely on a back-up energy supply.

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Demand side response

Identify sources of flexibility across your production so you can manage the times your organisation uses energy and lower your costs – or even make a profit.

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Solar PV

Make the most of your buildings’ space by installing solar panels on-site. Generate your own renewable energy and lower your energy bills as well as your carbon footprint.

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Combined cycle gas turbine 

Increase your productivity by generating energy on-site with a combined cycle gas turbine power plant. It’s a highly efficient way of helping your business lower fuel costs and reduce carbon emissions.

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E.ON Portfolio Solution

Our E.ON Portfolio Solution team helps businesses manage their exposure to risk, whilst taking advantage of purchasing based on the wholesale market.

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Our customers say...

“The relationships with E.ON has been seamless all the way through the process. With the expertise they brought, we feel this really helped our business grow and set us up for future growth."

Andrew Hayward, Managing Director, Russell Roof Tiles

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UK manufacturers: time to start taking energy consumption seriously

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