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Energy efficiency for offices

We can help you maximise the productivity of your work space and create buildings that stand out from the crowd whether you’re a developer or end user.
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Our smart systems help deliver new business opportunities.

Improve employee satisfaction and your building’s efficiency with:

• A comfortable and future-focused environment to improve your employee productivity and well-being.

• Sustainable buildings to improve your brand image and CSR without putting pressure on cost and time.

• Energy efficient equipment to maintain efficient business operations and save money in the long term.

Success stories


Engine is a global marketing services network with two sites and around 900 staff in total. They wanted to become a greener, more sustainable organisation whilst still maintaining a comfortable environment for their employees.


We set up Engine with a dedicated account manager to carry out an energy audit, helping them understand the long and short-term solutions to their energy needs. Now we’re upgrading their building energy management systems (BeMS) and smart lighting systems.


Engine have reduced their energy consumption and are getting better value for money. By becoming more sustainable they’re also improving their brand perception, helping with ISO regulations.


Our advanced smart lighting technologies and lighting control solutions will help you lower your energy consumption and improve the comfort and well-being of your building’s occupants..

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Building energy Management Systems

Manage your energy assets such as heating and lighting with our state-of-the-art BeMS. Identify inefficient systems to reduce your consumption, costs and energy waste – therefore helping to improve your overall energy performance.

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Battery storage

By adding battery storage to your solar photovoltaic system, you can store any excess energy you produce on-site for a back-up energy supply.

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Demand side response

Connect to our DSR system to monitor your energy assets. Identify sources of flexibility so you can manage the times your business uses energy and lower your costs – or even make a profit.

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Our customers say...

““E.ON have been incredibly helpful and thorough when giving us the information to help us make informed decisions”

Rachel Boland, Engine

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