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Energy efficiency for residential accommodation

Get the green light with our sustainable strategies. Whether it’s a care home, hospital or prison, find out how energy efficiency can benefit your site.

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You’ll be able to concentrate on employee satisfaction and your building’s efficiency by:

• Improving the quality of your building and lowering your long-term maintenance costs to raise to your occupancy rates.

• Securing your supply to avoid any risk to resident care and well-being.

• Managing your energy hassle-free with our holistic approach to solutions.

Building energy Management Systems

Make sure your occupancy rates aren’t affected by inefficient systems. Manage your energy assets such as heating and lighting with our state-of-the-art BeMS to reduce energy waste and create a comfortable environment for your residents.

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Combined heat and power

Combined heat and power (CHP) captures and uses wasted heat to boost your energy efficiency. For businesses of all sizes, CHP can offer a significant opportunity to reduce energy costs, lower carbon emissions and deliver operational benefits.

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Guarantee the comfort and well-being of your residents with our smart lighting and LED technologies. Our advanced lighting controls will help you manage your environment hassle-free.

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Battery storage

Face increasing profitability challenges by adding battery storage to your on-site generation. You’ll be able to store any excess energy for a back-up supply to increase your efficiency.

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Heat pumps

Control costs with this highly efficient way of generating heat. Use natural heat from the ground or air to provide heating and hot water for your buildings.

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Thoughts and insights

The smart systems that are saving businesses energy

Did you know you can use your CHP plant to heat a swimming pool or for your lighting? We spoke to The Telegraph about the potential for using your heat waste and making the most of energy generation.

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The secret of sustainable success

We've partnered with The Telegraph to discuss the business benefits of investing in energy efficiency. Uncover the facts on how sustainable technology can improve your bottom line – and satisfy your residents.

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