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Energy efficiency in retail

Create the perfect retail environment for your customers whilst cutting energy costs.
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On average, we’ve delivered an ROI between 25% and 40% for our retail clients.

Cut costs and improve your retail environment for your customers and staff through:

• Tighter control of your store temperature.

• Prevention before equipment fails, so you can avoid call-out inefficiencies.

• Intelligent building control strategies to target energy waste, reduce consumption and lower operating costs.

Success stories


M&S want to build a sustainable future for communities and the planet by reducing their carbon emissions and their energy consumption.


Using advanced BeMS and HVAC systems across 600 remotely managed sites across Europe, we’re giving M&S more control over their energy, so they can reach their targets.


Since we’ve started working with M&S in 2007, they’ve saved in excess of £100m and reached 100% of their emissions targets so far.

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Building energy Management Systems

Manage your energy assets such as heating and lighting with our state-of-the-art BeMS. Identify inefficient systems to reduce your consumption, costs and energy waste – therefore helping to improve your overall energy performance.

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Our advanced smart lighting technologies and lighting control solutions will help you lower your energy consumption and improve the comfort and well-being of your buildings' occupants.

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Heat pumps

Use natural heat from the ground or air to provide heating and hot water. By taking heat from natural sources, this solution is a highly efficient way to generate key business savings.

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The experts say...

“A 20% cut in enegy costs represents the same bottom line benefit as a 5% increase in sales.”

Carbon Trust

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