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Private wire

A simple way to lower your energy costs

What is private wire?

Businesses can get a private electricity supply to a development along with heat and chill. Rather than taking energy from the national grid, we can set up a direct feed from your combined heat and power supply (CHP) to your development, so you can avoid extra charges and enjoy a reduced rate.

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Benefits of private wire

1. Reduced energy costs

Get a cheaper energy price and avoid extra charges such as transmission and distribution fees.

2. Green energy

Get your energy from guaranteed renewable sources such as solar, biomass and CHP.

3. Use existing infrastructure

If you have an existing CHP solution, we can easily set up a Private Wire through simple additions to your development.

First we'll install the CHP unit to provide heat to the development. You can connect the system solely to the grid, or to both the grid and your development.

We’d then create a Private Wire agreement, so you can buy back the electricity generated from your CHP at a reduced rate. Or we can take the electricity and sell it to the grid.

We also operate on a larger scale, helping local authorities distribute outside site boundaries. We have the expertise to deal with regulations and the complexities of installing a larger scale Private Wire solution.

Expertise for any project

Whatever the size of your organisation or business development, we have the expertise to tackle any technical or regulatory complexities. We’ll take care of the contracts, all you need to do is sign up.

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Whether it’s a gas or electricity supply, we can design, plan and install the infrastructure you need for your business premises or housing developments.

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Unmetered supply

We supply electricity from the grid to unmetered equipment such as street lighting, traffic signals, CCTV and large outdoor advertising, offering flexible contracts and competitive pricing so you can keep your costs down.

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20 years of energy management experience

We’ve been operating and managing a broad portfolio of sites in the UK for over 20 years, giving us the knowledge and experience to help your business.

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