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Unmetered supply

Competitive pricing for unmetered electrical supplies

What is an unmetered supply?

It's a supply of electricity from the grid to a piece of electronic equipment which doesn’t have an individual meter, such as street lighting, traffic signals, CCTV and large outdoor advertising. We supply this electricity and then bill you based on your estimated consumption as calculated by your Distribution Network Operator (DNO).

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Benefits of our unmetered supply

1. Competitive pricing

We’re always competitive with our pricings so you can keep costs down.

2. Flexible contracts

Choose from two contracts – non-fixed term or fixed term – to suit your consumption.

3. Dedicated team

You’ll have one dedicated service and sales team throughout your contract.

How it works

As a fully accredited independent connections provider we’re able to make connections to public electricity networks owned by electricity companies - including DNO’s and IDNO’s if required - providing a one stop shop where we install and connect the assets in a single visit. We're also able to install and connect mains and service cables for both metered and unmetered connections.

Once you’ve installed your street lighting or other electric equipment, you’ll need your unmetered supplies to be validated with an UMS certificate, which is issued by your Distribution Network Operator (DNO). We require this certificate and your estimated annual pricing from your DNO to bill you for your supply.

You can choose from our two basic contracts:

1. Our deemed supply tariff is for low consumption users using under 13,000 kWh a year.

2. Our fixed term bespoke pricing is for high consumption users above 13,000 kWh a year. It reflects the prevailing market rate and can last for up to five years.

We also offer some of our E.ON Portfolio Solution (EPS) products to our higher consumption UMS customers.

Estimated energy savings of up to 25%

We provide unmetered supply and EPS products to Blackpool Council in a 25-year project to upgrade, operate and manage 20,000 street lights. By the end of the contract we hope to have reduced carbon emissions by up to 1,400 tonnes.

E.ON Portfolio Solution

Whatever your business size, our EPS solution can be tailored to tackle your specific business challenges, so you can better track the energy market and monitor prices to avoid costs and manage risk.

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Renewable energy

Meet your CSR targets and demonstrate your commitment to renewable energy by choosing one of our REGO-backed solutions. We’ll match your estimated consumption with 100% renewable energy to help you hit your low carbon targets.

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Integrated solutions tailored to you

We can help you meet your business targets, whether that’s becoming more sustainable, reducing costs or increasing your renewables.

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