Flex products

Our FlexPlus and Flex Baseload products give you control over the way you buy energy.

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They don’t just give you control over buying your energy, but also give you access to market information to help you make those vital decisions and maximise value to your business.

You can buy in months, quarters, seasons or annually, in and out of sequence to best meet your business needs. Access to live market prices will help you decide when to buy.  You even have the option to change your purchases if the market conditions are in your favour after you have secured your energy, or if you reforecast.

Once we’ve agreed a contract with you, you can start buying your energy through our dedicated flexible Products team.

How they work


 Flex product residual baseload diagram

FlexPlus gives you complete control over your energy.

We split your electricity consumption forecast into baseload and residual, which you can buy or sell as much or as little of when it suits you. Peakload can also be applied if suitable.

This means you have full flexibility to optimise the way you buy all your energy.


Flex Baseload

Flex product residual baseload shape fee diagram

Flex Baseload makes flexible purchasing simpler.

We split your electricity consumption forecast into baseload and residual levels. Peakload can be applied if suitable.

We also give you a simple shape fee, which takes care
of the residual volume. This leaves you free to focus
on getting the best price for your baseload volume by
buying and selling against live wholesale prices.

Here’s a quick look at the benefits

•    Flexibility  
•    Control  
•    Fixing/Unfixing
•    Simplicity
•    Price transparency  
•    Market knowledge  
•    Support  from your Account Manager

For more information

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Not available for Micro Businesses.