Take control of your energy with transparent market information at your fingertips.

woman_working_on_laptopWhat is it?

MarketView gives you direct access to live wholesale market prices.

Which combined with your flexible supply contract, will allow you to make informed choices about when is the right time to buy energy for your business.

How will it benefit you?

  • Get online access to live trading screens on your computer or smartphone
  • and monitor real time energy prices for more transparency and peace of mind.
  • Set price and budget limits and get alerts by text or email when the market meets your needs, saving you time and resources.
  • Buy energy flexibly when the time is right for you, through your supply contract or at renewal time.
  • Get historic data as well as live information to help you make better buying decisions and manage risk.
  • Get customised market information and reports that can be shared across your business.
  • Provides live wholesale market information as provided by over the counter (OTC) brokers like Spectron.
  • Makes for quicker, informed decisions, based on current market movements.

Purchase your energy monthly, quarterly, seasonally or annually, in or out of sequence.

You can even purchase percentages of these individual periods to give you optimum flexibility, depending on your consumption forecast. Then you can choose when, and how much to buy, depending on your view of the market conditions.

woman_and_man_with_tablet_in_meetingHow it works 

We know many of our customers want more control and flexibility over their energy buying needs. We’ve launched MarketView to give you this, including the information you need to make better buying decisions.

When you sign up for the online service, we’ll give you a username and password. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll go straight to live trading screens showing real time energy prices, available on your computer, smartphone or tablet. You’ll be able to monitor the market live and see for yourself where prices are trading. Whenever you want to buy, expert traders will be on hand to buy your energy on your behalf.

You can also set price and budget limits and receive alerts by text or email when the market reaches those levels, so you won’t have to watch the market all the time, only when you want to.


What does the service include?

Unlike many similar services, MarketView gives you:

  •  Information in real time, including:

– OTC prices – market prices set by OTC brokers who deal with market trades between buyers and sellers.

– Ask prices – the price the seller wants for their energy.

– Bid prices – the price the buyer is willing to pay.

– Spread – the price range between the ask and the bid price.

– Mark to Market (MTM) – the current price of wholesale energy if all open positions are immediately hedged. MTM = the price of energy already bought + the live market price of open positions.

– Value at Risk (VaR) – the possible short term rise or fall in the MTM value, based on the volatility of recent energy prices.

  • Text and email alerts – stop losses and buy triggers.
  • Customised market intelligence reports – so you can keep track of the electricity, gas, oil, coal, carbon and equity markets, daily, weekly or quarterly, and where we see these markets moving.
  • MarketView data can be linked directly to Microsoft Excel, making it easy to share information across your business.

For more information

To find out more about the features and benefits, simply download our product sheet (PDF).

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