Automated Meter Reading equipment (AMR)

What is it?

Automated Meter Reading equipment lets us read your meter remotely so we can send you accurate, timely bills without the need for regular on-site meter readings.

The energy consumption information shows you exactly how much energy is being used, and when.

How does it work?

For automated meter reading of gas consumption, AMR is attached to your meter. For electricity, your existing meter is replaced with an AMR meter. Both methods transmit your energy consumption data to us for billing and analysis*.

A brief look at the benefits of upgrading to AMR

  • Consistency: Data is automatically sent between your business and ours, eliminating any shortfalls in data collection.
  • Improve your bills: Invoices are based on actual readings, giving you more control over your electricity forecasting and budgeting.
  • Convenience: Meter readings are collected remotely, saving you time and hassle.
  • Forecasting and Budgeting: AMR meters pick up a mobile signal, they automatically read how much electricity you’re using and send us that data every month. So we have everything we need to work out your bills with more accuracy.
  • Reporting: If you are part of the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme, your AMR data can be used in your annual reporting, ensuring you comply with the scheme’s requirements.

For more information

To find out more about the features and benefits, simply download our product sheet (PDF).

For more information about our AMR services please contact our dedicated AMR at

*We may still require meter reads or estimate bills if we can't obtain remote data


Frequently asked questions

How will my AMR equipment be installed?

Our Energy Solutions business will install your electricity AMR device or meter by contacting you with a convenient date and time. You will be contacted by Onstream, our gas AMR provider, to arrange installation of the gas AMR device.

Will my supply be disrupted during the installation?

It may be necessary to turn off your electricity supply to install the electricity AMR meter. There will be no disruption to install the gas AMR device.


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Have you experienced any delays during installation?

Most installations are quite straightforward, so delays are rare. Sometimes, things like gaining access, network defects and signal strength can hold up the work. Occasionally, some gas meters will not be suitable and may need to be exchanged.


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How much will it cost?

Your Account Manager is on hand to run through your monthly charges and associated benefits.

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What kind of reports will I be able to see?

You’ll be able to access graphical and numerical reports, at both site and company level with our electricity AMR or gas Platinum AMR services.