Half Hourly Metering and Data Collection

Sites with a peak load above 100kW need to be equipped with “half-hourly” (HH) meters which record total consumption every half-hour and pass the information to the energy supplier.

If you have a HH meter it’s mandatory to appoint a Meter Operator (MOP) and Data Collector (DC) for your site. E.ON can provide both of these for you as a complete service.

What is a HH Meter Operator?

A HH Meter Operator is responsible for installing and maintaining metering and communications equipment, and provides the technical meter details to the Data Collector to enable collection of consumption data.

What is a HH Data Collector?

A HH Data Collector is responsible for collecting HH consumption data from the meter. This data is then validated and passed to the supplier for invoicing.

HH meters provide a good source of information for energy management. Using our Energy Toolkit you can use this information to see a clear picture of just how much energy your organisation uses, and when you’re using it, helping you be in control of your energy. Find out more about being in control with the Energy Toolkit.

For information and reference

Download our HH Meter Operator and Data Collector factsheet to print and keep

Choosing E.ON as your HH metering services provider.

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