Business Energy News - February 2015

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Political Briefing 

E.ON announce price cut

The announcement of E.ON’s 3.5% cut in gas prices on Tuesday drew a wide range of comments from stakeholders.

Energy Secretary Ed Davey MP said that “this will be very welcome news for many bill-payers.” This view was echoed by energy minister Matt Hancock MP who said “energy suppliers must continue to pass on savings from lower gas prices.” Hancock said that “this wouldn't have happened under Labour's ludicrous price freeze policy, where high bills would have been frozen and families wouldn't feel the benefit of falling global gas prices." He also said that he hoped that more large suppliers would follow suit.

Caroline Flint MP, Labour’s Shadow Energy Secretary said that “Ed Miliband was right to challenge the energy companies to cut their prices and pass on the falls in wholesale costs to consumers” but that a cut of 3.5% looked “pretty measly” compared to the how much wholesale prices had fallen. Flint argued that consumers still aren’t seeing the full benefit of falling wholesale prices. She also called on other energy companies to cut their prices too

Industry regulator Ofgem said the price cut is “a small step in the right direction” and that customers would understand companies cutting prices after seeing wholesale prices falling. They said that in a “competitive market we would expect others to follow suit.

Market update

Market summary for January:

Gas: Prices continue to fall due to strong supply.

Power: The power market continued to mimic the movements in gas.

Oil: The price of oil continued its decline and fell below $47/bbl.

Carbon: A month of both upwards and downwards pressure saw prices edge up slightly.

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E.ON Updates

New videos on the horizon

We're currently creating a suite of new videos to highlight different aspects of the Corporate business, as well as our relationship with our customers. Here's the first of our short films, which covers E.ON Portfolio Solution. It features one of our customers, BSW Timber, who are based in Fort William, Scotland. 

Top energy headlines

B&Q, IKEA and Unison urge political leaders to make energy efficiency an election priority

Eighty chief executives from some of Britain's biggest companies, charities, and industry associations have called on all political parties to make energy efficiency a top priority in their election campaigns. ( Read Full Story

Hague blames Labour’s plan to freeze energy prices for high fuel costs

Commons leader says party’s policy has undermined efforts to get utility firms to pass on benefits of tumbling wholesale prices to customers ( Read Full Story

Ofgem: ‘Strong case’ for ISO to replace National Grid. 

The chief executive of Ofgem has said there is a “strong case” to create an independent system operator (ISO) to replace National Grid in operating the energy transmission network. (Utility Week) Full text – may require registration

Majority of businesses now aware of ESOS, says DECC

The Department for Energy & Climate Change (DECC) has insisted it is doing all it can to raise awareness of the impending Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), despite more industry research suggesting businesses are still not informed enough. ( Read Full Story

Spend billions insulating homes to save lives, politicians told

Business, charity and union leaders call on parties to pledge taxpayer cash to insulate homes to prevent winter deaths ( Read Full Story