Business Energy News - June 2015

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Top energy headlines 

World's first tidal-lagoon clean energy scheme prompts environmental row 

The Swansea project’s plan to reopen a quarry in Cornwall angers locals there – having already provoked concerns around the lack of UK contractor involvement ( Read Full Story

European Parliament agrees to reform of Emissions Trading Scheme 

Members of the European Parliament have today approved a compromise deal that will allow for reform of the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) from the beginning of 2019. ( 

Costa served with 'excellent' sustainable café rating

Coffee shop chain Costa has become the first café business in the UK to join the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA), after being named a 'Two Star Sustainability Champion' by the organisation. ( Read Full Story

M&S joins RE100 campaign to be powered by 100% renewable energy  

The Climate Group and CDP announced that one of the world’s leading retailers has joined RE100, a global initiative supporting major companies committing to 100% renewable power. ( 

Unilever boss urges world leaders to reduce carbon output

The head of Unilever has called on world leaders to raise their game in the battle against climate change. ( Read Full Story

Market update

direction of commodity prices may 14 to may 15 - E.ON

Market summary for May:

Gas: Higher LNG supply to the UK saw gas prices remain low in May.

Power: The power market also fell, reflecting movements in the gas market.

Oil: Prices were supported up due to growing tensions in the Middle East.

Carbon: Prices rose marginally amid continued uncertainty.

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E.ON Updates

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Political briefing

Queen's speech

Queen's speech image - E.ON The first Queen’s Speech of the new Parliament was delivered last month, outlining the new Government’s legislative agenda for the coming year. This is the first Queen’s Speech since 1996 that has been drafted by a majority Conservative Government.

The speech outlined the Government’s plans for an in-out EU referendum, to devolve power away from Westminster and proposals to replace the Human Rights Act with a British Bill of Rights. An Energy Bill was amongst the 26 Bills announced in the speech.

The Energy Bill contained the following proposals:

  • The Energy Bill will be introduced to “increase energy security” and to “ensure there will be affordable and reliable energy for businesses and families”
  • The Government will also use the Energy Bill to transfer consenting powers from Whitehall to local planning authorities for onshore wind farms over 50MW
  • The changes to the planning regime for onshore wind would apply to England
  • The Bill will give the Oil and Gas Authority the powers it needs to become a “robust, independent and effective regulator”.  Specifically the Government wants to improve the overall competitiveness of the UK Continental Shelf and maximise the recovery of offshore oil and gas reserves
  • How to facilitate cheaper and cleaner demand-side solutions to keep the lights on
  • How potential conflicts of interest with National Grid will be avoided or addressed
  • Changes to the subsidy regime for onshore wind will be delivered separate to this Bill and it has been confirmed today that DECC will make a separate announcement in due course

The Energy and Utilities Alliance said that they were disappointed that the Energy Bill was “a little light weight” and called for a review into the UK’s gas storage, saying that there is a “very real need to increase our Gas Storage”.

The Campaign to Protect Rural England welcomed the move to give local planning authorities powers to decide on large onshore wind farms but said that the “Government seems fixated on increasing energy security through action on energy supply, yet looks like missing the opportunity to include proposals in the Energy Bill to reduce energy demand — such as much-needed action to improve the energy efficiency of our leaky homes and other buildings.”

A link to the full speech can be found here: