Gas and electricity infrastructure for your business

man laying pipes in a trenchGrowing your business always provides challenges, whether you’re bringing in new employees or constructing new sites.

One thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is making sure you’ve got the right infrastructure in place to expand. 

So if you’re branching out to another region of the country, planning new building construction projects or if you’re changing your energy needs on one of your existing sites, we can help make that process as simple as possible.

What do Connection Services do? 

Our Connection Services team offers our industrial and commercial customers a fully managed end-to-end service, creating future-proof infrastructure for businesses of any size.

We also work directly with all distribution network operators, as well as other specialists and contractors.

That means you can get on with your job while we do ours. You’ll receive the highest level of expertise, with engineer advice to help deliver the best solution for your infrastructure needs. 

How to get in touch 

You don't need to be an existing customer to use our Connection Services team.

Contact us on 02476 182874

Lines are open 8am - 5pm Monday to Thursday and 8am - 4.30pm on Friday. 

Alternatively, email We'll be more than happy to help find the right solutions for you.


Natural gas is recognised as an alternative to oil and over the next 50 years it looks set to take an important role in Great Britain’s energy mix. For this reason, one of our key services is helping businesses to make the switch from oil to gas.

Our range of services includes:

Service pipe and mains: Installation; Removal; Upgrade; Divert

Metering; Installation; Removal; Upgrade

Gas outlet pipe work (connecting meter to your plant room)



We also deliver high quality electrical solutions, from large scale industrial supplies to multiple domestic or commercial developments.

Our electrical connection services include:


• Power factor analysis and corrective solutions

• Harmonic monitoring analysis and corrective solutions

• Diversions

• High voltage substations

• Supply upgrades

• Consultancy


Case study: EPAX

EPAX, a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant, had stopped using gas in its production operations for a number of years but wanted to install new gas fired equipment. As the previous gas supplier, we were asked to provide and install a new gas meter to the original pipework.

After initial discussions with Northern Gas Networks, the existing supply was found to be unsuitable for use due to the length of time it had been out of operation.

To move the project forward we provided EPAX with a solution which included a high pressure supply, a twin stream meter installation and an upgraded underground outlet to a number of locations on the site.

Get in touch

You don't need to be an existing customer to use our Connection Services team. What’s more, our quotes are free of charge and we provide national coverage.

To find out how we can help your business, contact us on 02476 182874. Lines are open 8am - 5pm Monday to Thursday and from 8am - 4.30pm on Friday. You can also email us at We'll be more than happy to help find the right solutions for you.

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