Monitor and manage your energy use with the Energy Toolkit

All businesses like to save money – that’s common sense. But it’s not always that easy to see where the opportunities lie, especially if you have many employees working across different sites. To see the opportunities, you need complete visibility across your business.

And that’s where our Energy Toolkit can help.

The Energy Toolkit gives you a straightforward picture of your energy consumption. It allows you to measure how much energy you're using, keep track of your carbon emissions and identify where you can control your costs. This can prepare your business for an energy efficient future.

How does it work?

Our Energy Toolkit reviews data from each of your meters and transforms this information into easy-to-read reports. For higher level users, the dashboard then gives a quick overview of your energy usage.

You’ll be able to notice specific events in your energy usage, such as spikes and troughs, and you can focus on key measurements according to what you’re keen to control.

Compare between sites, look back over different time periods, and use this data to see where change is necessary to improve overall energy efficiency. The Energy Toolkit gives you the power to manage your daily consumption.

You’ll be able to set up tolerance alerts for individual meters or sites, or set consumption targets, which allow you to stay updated about daily usage.

You can view raw data or your energy usage as charts, so you can build a report to distribute around your business. With the option to add multiple users, the data can be accessed by anyone you choose across the company, giving full transparency of what’s going on. 


Our Energy Toolkit comes with several flexible service packages:

Bronze – This is ideal for an overall picture. It allows you to track your energy use with regular reports. You can analyse data by day, week and month.

Silver  – The extra tools and functions available with this package help you to take more control of your energy usage. With Silver, you can observe excess demands across your sites, and set targets to increase your energy efficiency.   

Gold – With the widest range of features, this offer includes a bespoke report builder to enable in-depth, professional analysis across sites.

To find out about how our Energy Toolkit can transform your business, call us on 02476 42 42 42 (8:30am – 5pm Monday to Thursday and 8:30am – 4pm Friday). Alternatively, email and we’ll be in touch to help you out.