Half-hourly metering and making your data work for you

Business meterReliable energy data can be just as important as reliable sales data. When you’ve got good visibility of your energy use, then you’ll have a better idea of how your money is being spent.

That means you can plan more accurately and streamline business processes - ultimately you can identify areas where your business could save money.

Quality data can help you stay informed about your energy use – and that’s where your site meters come in.

Metering basics

A half-hourly electricity meter is a mandatory obligation for larger businesses with a peak demand above 100kW. You can tell if you have an HH meter by checking the MPAN (or supply number.)

If your business meets the half-hourly (HH) meter requirement, you'll have to appoint a Meter Operator (MOP) and a Data Collector and Aggregator (DC/DA).

We can offer these services, regardless of whether we provide your electricity supply or not.

What we do as your Data Collector and Aggregator

The DC/DA collects the half-hourly interval data each day, before verifying it and sending it on to the supplier for invoicing. Our DC/DA service not only achieves an accurate data settlement performance of 99.5% for the meters that we manage (against an industry target of 99%), but we carry out annual safety checks to ensure that the equipment is operating as it should be. We’re also fully accredited by Elexon.

Our DC/DA service works in conjunction with our Energy Toolkit to provide a visualisation of the data – helping you stay in control of your energy usage. It allows you to measure how much energy you're using, keep track of your carbon emissions and identify where you can control your costs.

What we do as your Meter Operator

Our field operatives install and maintain metering and communications equipment nationwide. Our flexible Meter Operator service works with our supply or Data Collector and Aggregator, as well as any other supplier and accredited agent.

Our metering technology and service plan ensures accuracy, reliability and safety. We'll fit and maintain your meter across its lifespan, and fix or replace your meter should it fail.

We also provide an end-to-end service with a single point of contact, keeping your paperwork to a minimum.

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Reliable data can put you in control of your consumption patterns, so you can refine your processes, save energy, as well as keep you informed to meet environmental regulations such as carbon reduction. Understanding this data can also highlight issues in different sites or operations.

If you’d like us to help make your data work for you, you can call 02476 42 42 42 or drop us an email for more information.