Whos Affected

What types of businesses will the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme affect?

The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme is mainly targeting larger, low energy-intensity businesses such as large offices, hotel chains and public sector organisations. At present, qualification for the scheme is based on Half-Hourly electricity consumption during the qualification period. For the introductory phase, this is the 2008 calendar year.

A business qualifies as a full participant if, during the qualification period:

It had at least one Half-Hourly (HH) meter settled on the Half-Hourly market, and
Its annual consumption through all HH meters was at least 6 GWh.

Businesses with at least one HHM settled on the Half-Hourly market, but whose annual energy consumption was less than 6 GWh in 2008 don’t have to participate fully in the CRC. However, these businesses do have to make an information disclosure.

Can I opt out of the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme?

If you have a Half-Hourly meter settled on the Half-Hourly market then you can't opt out. Even if your business uses less than 6 GWh of Half-Hourly metered electricity, you still need to register to show that you don’t qualify.

What if my Half-Hourly meter is voluntary?

It makes no difference if the HH meter is voluntary or not. Any HH meter settled on the HH market will qualify for the CRC. This includes:

Mandatory Half-Hourly meters
Voluntary Half-Hourly meters
Half-Hourly Light meters
Pseudo Half-Hourly meters

It also includes NHH meters cpnnected to AMRs that provide Half-Hourly readings. 

I now use over 6GWh of energy a year, but didn’t in 2008. What should I do?

Please note that if you qualify for CRC, it’s your sole responsibility and legal obligation to participate fully and failure to do so could result in a fine or criminal conviction.

Why have I received multiple qualification packs and correspondence to the same address?

A business qualifies for the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC) if it has at least one Half-Hourly meter settled on the Half-Hourly market. As the Environment Agency doesn’t hold information on who is the highest parent organisation, they will send out qualification packs and correspondence to all addresses that have a Half-Hourly meter. It’s then up to the business to decide who is responsible for declaring emissions for the entire organisation.

If a business has individual group members or subsidiaries that may quality for CRC in their own right, the parent company can nominate these to participate separately. These are known as Significant Group Undertakings (SGU).