CRC - Who's affected?

If your business had at least one HH meter settled on the HH market in 2008, you must register for the CRC scheme, whether you qualify or not. All energy suppliers in the UK have given the Environment Agency (EA), which is administering the scheme for the Government, a list of the HH sites they supplied in December 2008. By now the EA should have written to you to tell you about your obligations under CRC and to send you a qualification pack.

Making an information disclosure only

If you used less than 6 GWh of electricity through your HH meters* during the qualification period (January to December 2008), you must make an information disclosure only. This will affect around 15,000 public and private sector organisations. You'll need to tell the EA about your energy consumption levels every few years to prove you business doesn't qualify for full paticipation.        

Participating fully in CRC

Around 3,000 organisatons that used 6GWh of electricity or more through their HH meters* during the qualification period will need to participate fully in CRC. If your business is included, you must record and monitor your CO2 emissions every year as well as purchasing an allowance for each tonne of emissions. Although qualifying for CRC is based on electricity supply alone, you'll have to consider most energy sources that your business uses when working out your CO2 emissions for CRC. 

* For the purposes of CRC, electricity supplied through AMR NHH meters should be included as well as that supplied through settled  HH meters.  

Important information about organisations with subsidiaries 

If your business is divided into groups or subsidiaries, the 6GWh figure represents the total consumption of all HH meters across all UK-based premises that form part of your organisation. The highest parent company based within the UK will be the primary member of the CRC scheme and will deal with registration and administration, but all members of the group are responsible for compliance.

If your business has individual group members or subsidiaries that qualify for CRC in their own right, your parent company can nominate these to participate separately. These are known as Significant Group Undertakings (SGU).

Specific CRC rules apply to some types of organisation, including Government departments, franchises, local authorities and education establishments. Please see the FAQs section for more information, or ask your Account Manager for advice.