The responsibilities of business

Legislation is in place today, creating obligations on public and private sector organisations to lower carbon emissions and energy use. By 2016 all new homes will be zero carbon and by 2019, all commercial buildings must achieve the same status.We need to change the way we generate and use energy.

Energy solutions must transform into commercial designs to deliver a resilient service to the end user. Organisational resilience is the boardroom priority of the second decade of the 21st century. The five service areas of our business are here to support you. 

  • Carbon consulting - Carbon consulting helps you develop a carbon reduction strategy to deliver regulatory compliance, leadership and cost savings 
  • Low carbon technology - Microgeneration technologies establish renewable energy solutions within an existing energy infrastructure, helping you to meet your low carbon targets and reduce costs 
  • Community energy - Decentralised energy offers better opportunities for renewable generation, efficiency and business resilience 
  • Lighting - We are developing new and innovative lighting solutions, designed to reduce carbon emissions 
  • Cell site solutions - We are maximising infrastructure by improving telecommunications, utilising fibre-optic networking and reducing construction