Energy Toolkit

To be in control of your energy, you need to know how you're using it first – that's where the Energy Toolkit comes in. It's an intelligent suite of tools that gives you a clear picture of just how much energy your organisation uses, with options to compare levels across and between multiple sites.


Toolkit dashboard screen - E.ONTrack how you use energy

View clear graphs of how much energy you’re using across business sites. Interact with the readings to check numbers and when there have been energy hikes at different times for each site.


Toolkit alert screen - E.ONStay up to date with alerts

You’ll be informed after your energy levels have hit a certain point on a particular day. Set up multiple alerts to monitor meters across sites – it’s a useful way to find out when there’s been a hike and take action.


Toolkit report screen - E.ON Generate reports on demand

Presenting and helping people to understand your energy usage is easy with a special wizard to make reports on demand. In three steps you can set up your own custom reports for different sites.


Toolkit annual summary screen - E.ONAnalyse how your business uses energy

A pictorial display gives you an instant view of how energy is used across your sites. So it’s simple to see where energy hiked on particular days and get a weekly or monthly overview.

Choose the ideal service for your organisation

Depending on how much energy your business uses, how many sites you have and the detail you need, there's a level to suit your needs


View pre-packaged reports to track how much energy you’re using through the month, and to compare days, weeks and months. Easy to use and ideal if you’re a busy manager who needs a working picture of your energy usage.*


Provides useful tools to control your businesses’ energy use, helping you see excess demands, set targets and show people how to cut their usage. Ideal if you want to track your energy across sites and need to target inefficiencies.*


A wide variety of tools and features, including a bespoke report builder for in-depth analysis of energy use across sites – perfect for management presentations. Great if you’re a busy energy professional who needs a full kit of tools to do the job.*

* Cost for this service will be included in your service contract.

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