Commercial lighting

Paving the way with sustainable, cost effective sources of lighting

Our internal lighting solutions will give you energy, carbon and cost savings…now there’s a bright idea!

  • Save up to 80% on your lighting energy costs
  • Reduce your carbon emissions
  • Enhance your working environment

We offer a complete lighting solution based on a feasibility study that not only assesses your current lighting inventory but also the way you use your buildings.

Making light workReducing your lighting costs

Lighting accounts for around 19% of a bill in a commercial building, so imagine removing over three quarters of this cost. Through daylight tubes, LED lighting and automated controls, we’ve achieved just that and could do the same for you. Now there’s a bright idea!

Improve your workplace space

Lighting can influence performance and studies have shown that choosing the right lighting for your building is a key factor for promoting employee well-being and productivity. Using day-lighting systems and LED lighting with automated controls to optimise lighting levels, you can transform your office space. Now there’s a bright idea!

Making light work for you

Our recommendations range from installing LED lighting to a system redesign to reduce the number of lights required through upgrading equipment or integrating natural day light tubes, depending on your specific requirements. 

At our Technology Centre at Ratcliffe we upgraded to LED lighting, day light tubes and automatic controls and saved 82% in energy costs and 92 tonnes of carbon over the lifetime of the lights.