Decentralised energy At work

By 2016 all new homes will be zero carbon and by 2019, all commercial buildings must achieve the same status. We need to change the way we generate and use energy.

Building the low carbon economy means reducing greenhouse gas emissions across every aspect of our society. Improving the security of energy supplies demands the better utilisation of resources and increasing the capacity of low carbon and renewable energy sources. 

Decentralised energy encompasses community energy, microgeneration solutions, and low carbon lighting.

""We’re here to help you achieve your low carbon and energy use reduction targets in the way that’s most suitable to your organisation. We can assist with funding and can establish Energy Service Company (ESCo) models for larger projects.

An Energy Service Company (ESCo) is a commercial vehicle that invests in, builds, operates, manages and services a local energy centre for a domestic or commercial development.

For example, a biomass or gas fuelled CHP unit could be at the heart of the energy centre which is supplemented by selected microgeneration technologies. The centre provides heat, hot water and electricity to the development with any excess energy generated being sold back to the grid, thereby effectively reducing the cost of the energy consumed by the development.

This diagram below shows that the energy centre comprises a selection of generation technologies that collectively produce the heat, hot water and electricity to serve the development. Any excess electricity is exported back to the National Grid.