E.ON guarantees energy savings of 29%* for Ealing Council

The background

Ealing town hallWe are working with Ealing Council on a major energy efficiency upgrade to three council-owned buildings - including the Town Hall - that will reduce the carbon footprint by 1,122 tonnes per year2 and guarantees energy consumption savings of 29%1 for the Council.

The work is being carried out under an Energy Performance Contract (EPC) between E.ON and Ealing Council that will help finance the designed solution of energy conservation measures within a fixed budget. 

Completed in June 2013, this project is part of the Greater London Authority’s RE:FIT Framework that was set up to support public sector organisations to reduce London’s CO2 emissions by 60% of 1990 levels by 20251

The benefits of this project include:

  • Guaranteed energy consumption savings of 29%.2
  • Reduced carbon footprint of 1,222 tonnes per year that equates to financial savings of £192,586 per year based on current pricing levels.3
  • Short investment payback period of under six years
  • Improved control of heating, cooling and lighting throughout the buildings
  •  Improved comfort and lighting for Council employees working in the buildings

The project 

Following an initial feasibility study  the energy conservation measures included:

  • boiler optimisation 
  • air handling unit upgrades 
  • air conditioning replacements
  • building management system upgrade
  • installation of a new lighting control system that offers presence detection, daylight dimming, manual override switching and time control

The buildings benefiting from the work are:

  • Ealing Town Hall
  • Perceval House – an office building housing over 1,500 council employees 
  • Greenford Hall - used as a venue for weddings and other functions.

The technology - improved ventilation and temperature controls

EalingcouncilbuildingThe mechanical ventilation system in Perceval House was upgraded through replacing and recalibrating a number of CO2 sensors. As a result, the system is now able to detect when CO2 levels are above the recommended guidelines and increases the level of fresh air being drawn into the building..

The mechanical ventilation system was also improved to ensure less variation in the internal building temperatures. All floors will now be held at a constant temperature of 21oC in the summer and 23oC in the winter, thereby improving the comfort conditions for both Council staff and visitors.  The Building Management System detects if the temperature rises or falls by more than 0.5oC from the desired temperatures and prompts the ventilation system to provide heating or cooling to specific building areas as required.

A new lighting system

A new lighting control system that optimises the use of the existing light fittings was installed in Perceval House and integrated into the Council’s Building Management System.

The lighting controls achieve energy savings by automatically switching off lights in unoccupied building areas and the control system dims the office floor lighting dependant on the level of natural daylight that creates a more pleasant working environment for Council staff and visitors.

Saved time and money

“We have a commitment not only to improve Ealing’s carbon footprint, but to set an example to our residents that we care about securing a more sustainable future for our buildings and city. Working with E.ON as part of Ealing’s sustainability commitment has saved us time and money, whilst guaranteeing the level of energy savings within a fixed budget”.

Councillor Yvonne Johnson, Ealing Council’s cabinet member for finance and performance

*1 http://www.refit.org.uk/what-refit/background
2 1Based on a reduction of 2,996,328 kWh against a baseline of 9,432,525 kWh 
3 Based on a baseline of 3,771 tonnes CO2 and based on an emission factor of 0.5246kg CO2 /kWh of electricity and 0.1836kg CO2/kWh of gas