E.ON Newstead office

E.ON office saves £40,000 each year in energy costs with new LED lighting


Lighting accounts for around 20% of all energy consumption in the UK. LED technology has been around for many years but now with significant innovations it has made LED lighting more relevant.

As a result E.ON has developed a new proposition to replace old inefficient office lighting with innovative LED solutions.

E.ON has replaced all of the existing internal lighting at the Newstead office in Nottingham with new efficient LED lighting. Work started in February to replace a total of 1,692 luminaries throughout the building and will be completed by the end of March 2012.


  • Up to £40,000 energy cost savings per year1
  • Reduced maintenance costs projected at £16,000 per year (labour and material)
  • Up to 55% energy saving1
  • Reduces carbon by up to 253 tonnes per year2
  • Increased lifetime of 3 times longer than the previous old lighting
  • Payback within 6.5 years3 
  • A reduction in electrical maximum demand of 100KVA, further reducing energy costs and releasing capacity for other uses
  • All of the lights are controllable e.g. dimming
  • Carbon tax savings of £3,000 per year4

The project

E.ON developed the total lighting solution for Newstead Court based on a thorough feasibility study that not only assessed the current lighting inventory, but also the way the building was used and its energy consumption. The study included reviewing the LED lighting through to a system redesign to reduce the number of lights required to reach less energy consumption.

Following this a suitable replacement solution was agreed
by looking at a complete portfolio of LED lighting solutions, including lamps, luminaires and controls.

Suitable replacement lighting was then identified – the PowerBalance LED.

Working with E.ON Facilities Management team 1200 PowerBalance LED luminaries were installed, as part of a total scheme of 1,692 throughout the whole building.

The E.ON total solution proposition ensured the work was completed on time, within budget and to project objectives.

Benefits and key features

  • 55% energy saving compared to 4 x 18W switch start fluorescent luminaire (total CCT wattage 102W)
  • Office compliant
  • Additional energy saving of up to 50% with controls
  • Patented pyramid optic
  • Modular design allows customer to keep uniformity if specifying square or linear versions
  • Wattage: 45W
  • Voltage 240 V
  • Lumen output: 3200 lm
  • Dimmable: DALI
  • Colour temp: 4000K
  • Lifetime: 50,000 hours at L70
“The installation of the PowerBalance LED luminaires has transformed the office space into a bright and comfortable environment to work in. Everyone working in the office has been amazed by the amount of light that each LED brings into the room. This project has not only enhanced our working conditions but has enabled us to demonstrate and prove the real benefits of the technology”

Clark Morrow, Programme Manager, E.ON

1 Energy cost savings are calculated based on saving 452,000KWhrs per year at 0.89p/pKWhr

2 Total energy reduction per annum = 452,00KWhrs. Carbon emissions factor of 0.56g/pKWhr

3 Source: www.carbontrust.co.uk

4 Carbon tax cost savings of £3K are calculated based on annual carbon savings of 253 tonnes and current tax price of £12 per tonne.

5 www.ecat.lighting.philips.co.uk