New office lighting at E.ON Office

E.ON looks forward to a brighter future with launch of Commercial Lighting proposition

E.ON is setting an example in energy savings by road testing its new total lighting solution at Newstead Court, one of its largest headquarter offices – with energy cost savings expected to hit £40,0001 per year following project completion. This work will demonstrate the benefits of E.ON’s new Commercial Lighting offering, which forms part of the E.ON Group Energy Efficient Lighting programme.

While lighting accounts for 20% of all energy consumption in the UK, a surprising 80% of the UK’s commercial market has not yet realised the benefits of energy efficient LED lighting. 2 In addition, E.ON recently found that only one in five (21%) of UK small businesses have energy efficient equipment in the workplace, and almost nine out of 10 (86%) don’t have lighting timers or motion sensors in their workplace.3

In response to this, E.ON’s new Commercial Lighting proposition will offer consultancy and installation work to replace inefficient traditional lighting with innovative LED solutions throughout the UK’s offices.

A total of 1,692 LED luminaires will replace traditional luminaires at E.ON’S Newstead Court offices. In addition to energy savings of 55%, leading to savings of £40,000 per year, a further decrease in maintenance costs of up to £16,000 per year is projected. The new lighting will also significantly reduce carbon consumption by up to 253 tonnes per year.4

E.ON’s specialist Commercial Lighting team develops and implements a total lighting solution, a process that begins with a thorough feasibility study, assessment of current lighting inventory and a comprehensive review of how the building is used. Following this the team identifies a suitable replacement solution from a complete portfolio of LED lighting solutions, including lamps, luminaires and controls, and devises a suitable implementation programme bespoke to the business. 

Martin Baker, Head of Infrastructure Services and Chief Engineer at E.ON, says: 

“LED technology has been around for many years, but now significant innovations have made it a more viable and affordable alternative to traditional lighting. The new LED luminaires in Newstead Court, for example, will have an increased lifespan of at least three times that of the old lighting, and will significantly reduce energy consumption and generate real cost savings. We hope this project will demonstrate to our customers how we can work with them to upgrade their internal lighting and in doing so see similar benefits in their own buildings.”

Clark Morrow, Programme Manager at E.ON, says:

“The installation of the LED luminaires has transformed the office space into a bright and comfortable environment to work in. Everyone working in the office has been amazed by the amount of light that each luminaire emits into the room. This project has not only enhanced our working conditions but has enabled us to demonstrate and prove the real benefits of the technology.”

Notes for editors:

• E.ON is one of the UK’s leading power and gas companies – generating electricity, and retailing power and gas – and is part of the E.ON group, one of the world's largest investor-owned power and gas companies. We employ around 12,000 people in the UK and more than 85,000 worldwide;

• E.ON’s Energy Solutions business supplies power and gas to over 5 million domestic, small and medium-sized enterprise and industrial customers across the country. With customers at its heart, Energy Solutions also offers innovative energy services and technologies tailored to meet its customers’ needs. The business is designed to help customers become energy fit by encouraging them to insulate their homes, moderate their energy usage and even to generate their own power through microgeneration systems such as ground source heat pumps and solar panels for both homes and businesses.

• E.ON launched its Sustainable Energy business in 2007, providing low carbon energy solutions to businesses;

• E.ON is an MCS approved installer and one of only two energy providers accredited under the Government’s Low Carbon Building Programme Phase 2 which aims to reduce carbon emissions from buildings in the public and charity sector;

• For information on E.ON’s Sustainable Energy business visit or call free on 0800 051 5687 .

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1 Energy cost savings are calculated based on saving 452,000KWhrs per year at 0.89p/pKWhr


2 Source: AMA Research Ltd, March 2010


3 Research conducted on behalf of E.ON, Sept 2011


4 Total energy reduction per annum = 452,00KWhrs. Carbon emissions factor of 0.56g/pKWhr